Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

This Summer, step into the enchanted world of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with AWT’s Musical Bootcamp, a full-length concert reading of the Broadway musical rehearsed and performed in just two weeks!  If you’re looking for an intense musical experience, this one’s for you!
Once the show is cast, our professional creative team will lead you and your cast-mates through an intensive rehearsal process after work and on the weekends teaching you music, lyrics, and harmony to the entire show.  Finally, cast and band will present two performances of the show in concert (no sets, very minimal blocking – mostly just lots and lots of SINGING!) for an audience of family, friends and more!  This will be a whirlwind celebration of the magic of Disney!

Vocals: Lots of harmony | Dance: Very minimal if at all


Below is the rehearsal and performance schedule for Beauty and the Beast! If you’re looking for an intensive musical experience, then this one is for you.  There are two casts, so keep in mind you will only be called for Cast 1’s or Cast 2’s rehearsals/performances. You will receive a detailed schedule that specifies exactly what dates and times you will be needed by the second rehearsal.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Prior to Launch Day, participants will have the opportunity to disclose one rehearsal absence.  If participants miss any additional rehearsals beyond that, it is up to the discretion of the creative team whether or not a participant’s role must be reassigned.



The Sirovich Auditorium
331 East 12th Street
(between First & Second Ave)
New York, NY 10003


Speyer Hall
University Settlement
184 Eldridge Street
New York, NY 10002

Creative Team

Tremaine Price


Lindsay Burstedt

Music Director


Tuition to participate in AWT's Musical Bootcamp program is $195. Click below to register now!

Refund Policy

Tuition for AWT’s Musical Bootcamp is completely non-refundable.  Participants who withdraw from the program prior to Launch Day may apply to re-purpose their tuition toward a future program no more than one calendar year from Launch Day of the initial program purchased.  The ability to repurpose tuition may be granted by application only and is not guaranteed.  Participants who withdraw after Launch Day – including the very next day – are not eligible for a refund of any kind and will not be able to repurpose tuition towards a future program.

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